Saturday, April 19, 2008

Maya weds in Santa Barbara

Photos Courtesy of Jules Bianchi Photography

Maya just got married this weekend at the Firestone Vineyard in Santa Barbara County. It was a beautiful wedding with lots of food, family, friends, and of course, wine. Didn't get too blitzed at the wedding but I definitely enjoyed seeing a different viticultural region besides Napa and Sonoma. Admittedly, I love wine but have not visited all that many wineries in SoCal. Both Maya and Kevin looked relaxed and happy all weekend! It was rare beauty that we witnessed this weekend.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Eco Resorts are one way to keep our planet green!

Overlooking the infinity pool at Hotel Punta Islita.

Visiting the organic garden at El Silencio.

Hit up a couple of eco-resorts in Costa Rica which was pretty relaxing. What made these resorts eco friendly? Well, for starters, all of the buildings, grounds, artwork, food, and help were local. Unlike other foreign resorts that often cater to Americans to make them feel like they never left home, Hotel Punta Islita and El Silencio Lodge really make you feel like you're at a Costa Rican resort. No hot dogs, pizzas, or hamburgers here. Our towels and linens were only washed once for the entire trip at each resort and LED or Compact Fluorescent Bulbs were used for all the lighting. At night, most of the resort lighting was quite dim to save energy. It was refreshing to be surrounded by nature in these two unique locales and know that we weren't significantly contributing to the decline of our planet. Both hotels are owned by the same group in Costa Rica which seeks to create more similar eco-conscious tourism hotels across the country. Both of these hotels are also unique in their on a hill overlooking the beach of the Nicoya Peninsula, and the other in the tropical rainforests. Words cannot describe the beauty we witnessed.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Las Vegas Tufts Med Reunion

There's a great little Par 3, 9 hole course just south of Mandalay Bay that's great for a leisurely afternoon round. And, the green fee is only $30 compared to the full Bali Hai course just around the corner which costs upawards of $325. Can't beat the location, and the course is pretty challenging as far as par 3's go.

A pic of all the Tufts Med Kids who came out and our waitress at Blush, the lounge in the Wynn hotel. We've all come a long way from our roots as struggling med students in Boston. No one had to sleep on the floor.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Craft Restaurant -- MmmmMmmm!

Tom Colichio's Craft restaurant is family style dining at its best. This was literally one of the best meals I have ever eaten....EVER!

Our good friend Mike Tarantino who enjoys good food, wine, and company as much as we do.

Fresh, warm donuts that tasted like they came directly from fryer to your mouth, with all kinds of exotic side sauces.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Year of the Rat

Grandma and Grandpa Lin on this most auspicious occassion.

Handing out the red envelope to my cousin Jessie. The coming year is Rat Year which is supposed to be full of change, and for the well prepared and hard working, positive changes. The Rat is considered by the Chinese Ancients to be a resourceful and cunning creature, but I feel like most westerners don't see it this way.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Superbowl Partay!

My buddy Aldric (far left) hosted a sweet superbowl party in his new pad.

His house is in the Monterey Park Hills with unobstructed views of the southern San Gabriel Valley.

What's a party without a little Wii boxing action?

Friday, February 1, 2008

Ernie is finally starting to calm down!

It took about 18 months, but our puggle is finally starting to settle down and learn the rules of the house. It still kills us though when he shreds up his potty pads and rummages through the trash.