Friday, October 26, 2007

Point Break -- Creative Live Performance

Went to see this without any! What a trip. I can't even explain what this is all about in words. Basically, if you've seen the movie "Point Break," it's a live version of the movie set in a seedy downtown bar (Charlie O's at the Alexandria Hotel), with a rudimentary set, and lots of scantily clad surfer dudes running around with a couple hyperactive ladies....and the kicker is...Keanu Reeves' character in the movie, Johnny Utah, an undercover FBI agent, is played by an audience member!! They have a casting call at the beginning, and whoever wins by hand clap popular vote gets to be Johnny Utah! The thought is, Keanu Reeves is such a bad actor that anyone from the audience can do his lines. The worse it gets, the better it gets. Anyways, lots of laughs in this hilarious, low budget, spoof on a classic 80's surf/bank robber/Keanu film. Further affirmation that Downtown LA is at the cutting edge...if you've got a free Friday or Saturday night, go check it out...see above for info.

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