Saturday, October 20, 2007

UCLA upsets Cal in the Last 3 minutes!

I have never been to a tailgate party. I know, really sad. But, today was my first tailgate, and I got to cheer on my adopted school UCLA (I was a resident at Harbor-UCLA, so, I'm kind of related)

After lifting two crates full of about 200 beers and lots of ice, we are all passed out. Seriously.

Renita pounding the last beer before getting into the Rose Bowl.

The UCLA and Cal crew cheering their respective teams on! UCLA intercepts the ball on the Cal 30 with 3 minutes left to win 30 to 21. If Cal didn't turnover the ball though, they most likely would have at least kicked a field goal to take UCLA 24-23...

But that didn't happen!

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hunter g said...

damn you all.