Friday, December 28, 2007

Cobras & Matadors with Roy & Holly

It's always nice to get spanish style tapas at Cobras & Matadors on Beverly Dr. because you can bring your own wine and there is no corkage fee. I love that. The money you save on wine almost pays for the dinner itself. Great to see our old friends Roy and Holly who have transplanted to NYC. Here's a blurry pic (very dark in there) of Holly and Renita...much better to look at them close up...sorry Roy. On a side note, can't wait for the proprietor of Cobras and Matadors, Steven Arroyo, to hurry up and open up his new french bistro restaurant in the Arts' district, titled Church and State, on the ground floor of the Bisuit Company Lofts. Word is that it's opening around March '08.


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