Saturday, December 29, 2007

Runyon Canyon

I love finding gems in LA, and one of my favorite LA escapes is Runyon Canyon. Hidden in the hills above Hollywood, the canyon is a moderate hike with some steep terrain. About two thirds of the hike is paved and the rest is raw, unbridled, dirt trails. The reward at the summit is unobstructed sweeping views of the Los Angeles basin from the Pacific to the Griffith Observatory to the Palos Verdes Peninsula and to Downtown LA.

Sunset with my brother Jon.

A trail overlooking the hollywood hills homes of the rich & famous.

And when you're done, there is an "honor" bar with snacks!

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Anonymous said...

hate to break it to you, but runyon canyon isn't really a hidden gem in LA. Not sure if you've ever been there during the weekend, but its PACKED with people. For real hidden gems you have to head up north to the malibu area for some hikes around there. While Runyon Canyon is nice, its usually overcrowded.