Monday, June 11, 2007

I'm getting too old for this.

I know, I know. You can't start your first post with the title "I'm getting too old for this." You haven't really even started "this" yet, and you're already too old? All I can say is that after this weekend, I have returned to work this fine Monday morning with aching muscles, a sore back, and a real need to get some caffeine in my system so that I can carry forth with my day. Two green tea mugs later, I can tell you, I'm getting too old for this.

This past weekend, three things happened. My brother came into town from Beijing, China where he is working, a friend had a "last singles night out party before I get married" party, and the last singles night out party transformed into a post party at my loft. Seeing my brother only three or four times a year is always a special treat, and as we headed out to the Edison Bar on Saturday night, I was in high spirits. My spirit was quickly deflated when we arrived at the Edison and encountered a two to three hour line waiting in the alley. I hate lines. I really hate lines. So, our entourage headed over to Redwood, a pirate themed bar just down the street. After several drinks and walking the plank (7 shots), we were just about done with Davey Jones Locker, so we headed over to another interesting watering hole, the Far Bar, which was a hip space with great bands playing in a small, brick lined alley. So now it's about 12:45am and it's just about time to head back to the Edison to try and weasle our way in. Score! The guy who's getting married in a week (George) is able to coax the door man into letting all six of us in. There is still a one hour line in the alley. Once inside, the drinks start flowing, and many a shot is taken. Now, let me remind you that I'm 32 pushing 33, and my college and post college days of voracious partying are far behind me. The Gold flakes of many a past Goldschlagger shot are resting comfortably in remote parts of my colon, and I intend to leave them there.

The place is not totally packed, and I am reminded of the poor saps who are waiting outside. I hate it when bars keep a line outside on purpose. That's such an east coast/ Hollywood thing. Come on Edison, you're better than that. Be confident in your image! We close down the Edison and move to my loft for the post party. I haven't been invited to a post party in at least 5 years. With this many drunk people, I was super happy to know a post party was happening in my new loft!?! Thank god the people vomitting in my loft that night had "party aids" (ie. really good friends) to help clean up. As I lay down to sleep before the sun rose, I thought "I'm getting too old for this," and my age and experience commanded me to do two more things. Drink as much water as I can, then drink two glasses more. And, pop an Advil.

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