Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Where Am I?

One of the recurring themes on this blog will likely be the abundance and variety of ethnic foods in LA. I would have to say, and my wife is in agreement with me on this, that LA probably has the best all around food experience in the world. I know a lot of people will disagree with me right off the bat, but hear me out...

No other city has the variety and breadth of first generation immigrants that LA has. This is a fact. For instance, LA has the largest Korean population outside of Korea. Within a 30 minute drive, I can be immersed in Little Ethiopia, Koreatown, multiple Chinese/Cantonese/Vietnamese enclaves, Japantown, Thaitown, and Little India. I don't even need to begin telling you about Mexican fare. This is on top of hundreds and possibly thousands of restaurants which cater to every type of European palate. As a Taiwanese American, I can tell you that Monterey Park and the San Gabriel Valley have Taiwanese food that is consistently better than the actual food you can get in Taipei. Anyways, my point remains...LA has the best all around food experience.

Now that I've gotten that "schpeel" out of the way, I can tell you about a great recent find. Seoul Garden Restaurant in Koreatown serves up a unique dinner consisting of what can only be described as Korean Shabu-Shabu. Unlike Chinese or Japanese versions, the veggies are chopped and shredded thin and the sauces are uniquely Korean. Also, they serve up a tasty "jook" at the end made from the meat and veggie juices that have simmered into the broth. When you have something that tastes this good and wholesome, you almost feel like you can keep eating forever.

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